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Naslov: Sibenska Noc
Autor: Meri na 23 Siječanj, 2007, 21:59:06 +01
Calling all US based folks..  This year we will be holding our annual fundraiser at the Dalmatian American Hall in San Pedro, CA to benefit the hospital in Sibenik.  Always a great turn out and always a lot of money raised for a good cause so please come out on April 14th!

Keti and I are hoping more younger Prvicani will come this year!!!!!   

Drop a line if you are interested so we can get a younger group table  together this year!!!   ;D

Naslov: Odg: Sibenska Noc
Autor: maRE na 03 Svibanj, 2007, 17:56:55 +01
And? How was it?
Share with us Meri... ;)

Naslov: Odg: Sibenska Noc
Autor: Meri na 07 Svibanj, 2007, 23:18:35 +01
CANCELLED  :tickedoff:

Navodno se prica da su organizatori "busy" . . . . . . . .  :-X :-X :-X :-X :-X

New stuff:

May 27th annual Croatian Independence Stree Party at the Croatian-American Club in San Pedro.  Come down and meet people from Prvic!    O0

I am helping to organize a folk group from Chicago so bring your dancing shoes!   :crazy2:

Tanja you better be coming!!!!!!!   :knuppel2: :knuppel2:

Anyone wanting to meet others from Prvic, I'll be wearing a "Prvic Luka" shirt from good old Cace Market...can't miss me!

Also other parties include during the weekend:
Croatian Booze Cruise
Klub Led Disco

Naslov: Odg: Sibenska Noc
Autor: Meri na 14 Lipanj, 2007, 20:01:00 +01
Ok just heard from president of sibenska noc committe that it looks like this september will be the dinner at Dalmatian-American Club!    O0

hope to see some out of towners!  always a couch available  8)  no excuses  :knuppel2: :knuppel2: :knuppel2:

will keep everyone posted  :crazy2: