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Naslov: Hello to all especially Meri
Autor: Rndaubner na 22 Svibanj, 2010, 19:25:11 +01
Well hello to all. My name is Shannon and It has been a while since my last visits here on this site. If you remember me I was trying to get a date with this fabulous croatian girl named Dolores. Well my dreams came true and we are now officially married.  :smitten: Well we leave for Croatia on August 2nd. We will land in Dubrovnik and head up to and island called sipan for a week and then to Prvic for two weeks. I am so excited. Not bad for a dumb Irish guy huh?

Meri----I want to thank you especially because of all the help you gave me while I was and still am trying to win this girl's heart. Thanks Meri.                       Shannon